Music Laws

Wedding Music, Wedding Videos, and Copyright Infringement Laws

The music industry does have a lot of limitations when it comes to what can be played and how a piece of music can be used. Now, if you are the original owner of a song, you shouldn’t have too many worries over how you use that piece but if you wanted to make a video and you weren’t using your own original work, you have some issues afoot. Despite what you might believe, you can’t just use any piece of music however you like—especially if you don’t own the piece. Songs can’t always be used in wedding music or in videos without having the necessary permission.

The Wedding March

As most people will know, the bridge usually walks down the aisle to the wedding song and that is surprisingly fine. There is no real restriction over “here comes the bride” but that isn’t the same for all wedding songs. Copyright can still be enforced over the use of certain songs used in a wedding ceremony or video. You wouldn’t think it possible—to get sued for playing a song—but it’s very much possible. When someone is taking on a wedding project they have to be wary over which pieces of music are being used in order to avoid copyright infringement. Professionals really have to be careful otherwise they will end up with a hefty lawsuit on their doorstep.

Wedding Music, Wedding Videos, and Copyright Infringement Laws

Without Permission, a Lawsuit Is Pending

Professional wedding photographers or video takers absolutely have to be cautious over the type of music they are using in a video. It’s easy enough to download a lot of songs and add it to a video to help enhance it but it’s not legal to do so. With the introduction of file sharing websites and apps, it’s easier than ever to download and use music illegally and that has also meant there’s an increase to copyright lawsuits. The truth is that any music used in a wedding video must have the necessary permissions to be used. For example, if a local band played a piece for the wedding, you might need to get their written consent to use the music in the video. It’s strange but it’s a necessity of any wedding specialist.

The Clampdown on Copyright Infringers

Twenty or thirty years ago, wedding music and wedding videos weren’t all scrutiny to copyright worries as it wasn’t really a big issue back then. However, with the explosion of the internet and it being so much easier to download copyrighted music, it has opened the door to more trouble than ever before. Really, lots of wedding professionals are being sued over the use of the music they are using. You might think it’s petty but it’s happening and it’s all down to how easy the Internet has made it to use copyrighted material. Music might not seem overly important but it is.

Get Permission – Save Your Money

While you might have to pay a little to the original creator of a song in order to use it in a wedding ceremony or procession, it’s worth it because it’ll save you thousands later. You do have to watch out how you use music nowadays and to avoid getting sued, it’s best to seek out the necessary permission. It’s not as difficult to get authority to use copyrighted music and there are lots of great outsources to get permission too. It’s a lot easier than you think to use copyrighted music legally—paying a small fee can often be worth it to avoid a lawsuit. For more details visit